Swine fattening

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Intensive pig farming

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Cheaper Alternative Feeds for Hog/Swine Fattening

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For more information, please contact FSSRI, College of Agriculture, UPLB. Agrovet Market Animal Health supplies veterinarians pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicines, livestock producers and dealer stores with over more products that keep livestock and companion animals healthy, productive and in top form.

Pork is the most widely eaten meat in the world, accounting for about 38% of meat production worldwide. Consumption varies widely from place to place. The mixture is intended for fattening of pigs over 90 kg of live weight. It can be given in dry form or mixed with water into a thick gruel.

Use the mixture as required from approx. 90 kg of body weight on, or in the last fattening stage.

Swine fattening
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