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The sport became popular very quickly and made its Olympic debut in Cobra is the only portable volleyball system that uses no hazardous guy wires, ropes or steel ground plates & spikes that can cause injuries to players.

Here at Spike Sport, our immediate goal is to train the right techniques to develop our players to become competitive in volleyball with a solid foundation for success on court and in life.

Beach volleyball is a team sport played by two teams of two players on a sand court divided by a net. As in indoor volleyball, the objective of the game is to send the ball over the net and to ground it on the opponent's court, and to prevent the same effort by the opponent.A team is allowed up to three touches to return the ball across the net.

The ball is put in play with a serve—a hit by. Shop a wide selection of Park & Sun Sports Spiker Sport Steel Volleyball Set at DICKS Sporting Goods and order online for the finest quality products from the top brands you wowinternetdirectory.com: $ • The volleyball is a fun Co-Ed Triples Tournament played on grass courts.

We have divisions A, AA, and AAA (we'll add B if we get enough players).

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