Factors that affect workers productivity

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Perm Sec Harps On Staff Training, Productivity

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5 Factors That Affect Your Employee’s Productivity

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Sep 26,  · The training workshop featured paper presentations on Financial Management Procudure and Preparing for Retirement by Mr. Jones Philip and Organisational Factors Affecting Work and Security Consciousness in the Civil Service by Gwarah, Nuka Lekia.

And it’s absolutely natural because we’re all human beings, and we depend on the weather, the work conditions, our health, mood, etc. But, if you’re expecting this article to be about mental or physical factors, then we got some good news for you. Engaging the work force and measuring their perceptions of productivity, identifying the overarching factors and addressing the most significant factors, may not only lead to improvement in motivation and overall project performance, but may also help attract or retain more craft workers in.

In this study, state government workers identified those factors perceived as most affecting their workplace productivity. Data were collected through a survey offered to state government workers in the state of Wyoming.

Factor analysis was used to derive key productivity factors from survey responses. Now let's discuss briefly above listed important factors that affect productivity.

Opinion or suggestions of workers should be given importance. There should be proper transfer, promotion and other personnel policies. All this will increase the productiveness of the organization. The factors affecting your productivity One major contributor to productivity levels is workplace design.

What Are the Factors That Affect Productivity?

Research has found that factors such as light, color, sound and temperature can have an effect on productivity and focus.

Factors that affect workers productivity
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