Consumer behavior towards lakme products

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Consumer Behavior Towards Lakme Products

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Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. “Consumer behavior is the study of how individuals or groups buy, use and dispose of goods, services, ideas or experience to satisfy their needs or wants.” In the early stages. psychological and sociological influences on consumer decision making, and special topics relating to public policy, organizational buying and conducting research.

Reddy, Mallikarjuna,K. () There are four major factors which influences on the buying behavior. Consumer Behavior Towards Lakme Products.

Fmcg Analysis of Consumer Behaviour towards FMCG

Executive summary About the project Within a short span of time, the use of cosmetics by Indian consumers has increased significantly with more and more women and men taking greater interest in personal grooming.

Preferences and behavior of rural consumers towards cosmetic products P Raja, S Kavitha Abstract Understanding behavior future trends. Consumer behavior can be explained as the analysis of how, when, what and Lakme- Avon 12 Fair & Lovely 10 Garnier 2 Dabur 11 L.

Oreal /. products and brands with large groups As a result of these, the social media communication technologies have created a new profile of consumer and new consumer behaviour patterns There are many researchers suggest that consumers’ engagement via social interactive tools is.

Consumer behavior towards lakme products
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