Arabs tuarego in mali face hostility

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Arabs, Tuaregs in Mali face hostility, discrimination as Islamists flee northern cities

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Arabs, Tuaregs in Mali face hostility amid war

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Fear of reprisals against Arabs and Tuareg in Mali

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But the Songhay, a sedentary, phenotypically “black” population, are the biggest group in northern Mali. (Arabs or “Moors” make up about four percent of the population in those three regions, and one percent nationally.) Most of the people we call “the Tuareg” are black.

It can sometimes be very difficult to understand many of the challenges people in countries such as Africa are facing today. In Mali many of the citizens who are perceived as Tuareg and Arab are in fear of their lives.

While most of Mali’s Arab community lives in the north, the family of Bawba Ahmed, the woman who dropped out of her class, has lived in the central town of Mopti since — almost as long as Mali has been an independent nation.

Less than 15 per cent of Mali’s population of 16 million are Tuareg or Arab, and the vast majority live across northern Mali. Activists also fear that as tens of thousands return home to the. Arabs, Tuaregs in Mali face hostility amid war country’s problems on anyone who looks Tuareg or Arab.

Less than 15 percent of Mali’s population of 16 million are Tuareg or Arab, and the. Understanding Mali’s “Tuareg problem” Posted on February 25, by brucewhitehouse Last week I took part in a “teach-in” organized by Michigan State University devoted to the ongoing crisis in Mali.

Fear of reprisals against Arabs and Tuareg in Mali Arabs tuarego in mali face hostility
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Understanding Mali’s “Tuareg problem” | Bridges from Bamako